Lomi Ōpū

Lomi Ōpū with Kumu Kahealani Amber Alapa’i

Kumu Kahealani Amber Alapa’i is a teacher of her families traditional Hawaiian Massage “Ho’oponopono Lomilomi”. At young age, she was taught by her father Allen Alapa’i who was a master of Lomilomi. She is a trained massage therapist (LMT) and lives with her family on Hawaii.

She will be offering a two and a half day course on “Lomi ‘Ōpū” (Abdominal massage). Hawaiians consider the abdominal cavity/stomach as the place we hold a connection to our anncestors, whom help with spiritual guidance. Because of our belief we honor this area with great respect.

Lomi ‘Ōpū Intense Workshop

Benefits of Lomi ‘Ōpū – Abdominal Massage

  • Soften Blockages with movement using Technique, Intuition and Breathe
  • Helps wth Infertility
  • Aids in Digestion and Elimination
  • Relieves lower back ache
  • Balance of Hormones
  • Lymph Circulation
  • Increasing Blood Flow to Organs
  • Relief from Menstural Cramps
  • Relief from Gastritis

We will learn about:

  • Spiritual Representation of the ‘Ōpū
  • How the colon holds different emotions and affects the organs
  • General Technique and Routine
  • Lymph Drainage
  • Pregnancy and the Uterus – the spiritual representation of the womb
  • ‘Ōpū Huli (“turned” stomach)

You will learn a 60-90 minute massage routine.