10 day Ho’oponopono Class

Ho’oponopono is able to love away the barriers and walls that we put up in order to protect ourself from looking deep and feeling that strong emotion. Let us be guided to release the negative connections we have with others. Let us not feel hopeless or lost when the pressure of “our” world ask much of us and force us to grow. With Ho’oponopono we can huli (flip) and draw strength from our traumas and difficult experiences. To see the world through the “Ho’oponopono glasses” will change how you respond and understand others.

I Mahalo (thank you) you for going on this journey with me.

In this class you will learn that the Ho’oponopono process is more then the 4 mantra/prayers that is widely known. It is a actual process with the intention of going deep within to the root of the problem, trauma, anger, fear, and severing that connection with forgiveness. This process is so important to use on Your Self Healing and Awareness. To know your triggers, your reactions, your patterns is a big step to understand yourself and Grow. You will also learn the Hawai’ian Prayers that we will practice everyday. Also  learning the deep meaning and intention of these prayers. Join us as we dive deep into this important Traditional Practice “Ho’oponopono”.

This 10 day class will be on Zoom. There will be 2 classes available most days (please see schedule) because we are dealing with different time zones. If you cannot make class you can request for the Class Day recording. Please bring your note pad and pencil/pen because we will be taking a lot of notes.

We are asking for a donation of €200/$250. Payment info will be sent at time of registration into this class. 

For dates,  details and registration go to   „Kalender/Events“

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