In loving memory of Kumu Allen Elia Alapa’i (1958-2018)

Kumu Allen Elia Alapa’i is a LomiLomi Master from the island of Kaua’i who has touched many people with his warm, heart-opening nature. He has supported healing on a physical, emotional and mental level with his family art of healing of Ho’oponopono LomiLomi and has shared his healing knowledge in lectures, workshops and trainings all over the world. This centuries-old family tradition is continued today by his wife Kumu Kahililaulani Alapa’i and his daughter Kumu Kahealani Amber Alapa’i.


Ho’oponopono Lomilomi

“Ho’oponopono” means to make things right, to make balance (pono), to be in harmony with yourself, your family, your environment and your community. It‘s about releasing the four main negative energies the body holds: fear, anger, jealousy and sadness which can cause blockades and knots in the body.

Forgivness is the key for healing.

“LomiLomi” is the Hawaiian art of healing the mind, body, heart and spirit. Using the proper protocols of PULE (prayer), OLI (chants), MELE (songs) and HULA (dance). We become the instrument, the channel that can heal people. LomiLomi is more than a massage. It is an ancient Hawaiian healing tradition that uses many kinds of techniques. It’s known for being a soothing, flowing, gentle and relaxing experience.

What‘s been released by Ho’oponopono on a mental and emotional level can be released by LomiLomi on a physical level.


Lecture– Online Congress
„KINDER DER ZUKUNFT“ (14. May – 24. May`21)

Broadcast on 24. May 2021

*Special* Na Kumu Kahililaulani Alapa’i & Kahealani Alapa’i

Children learning to process with Ho’oponopono

Registration ONLINE Congress: https://energize-you.com/



Lecture – Online Congress
„THE WORLD BECOMES ONE“ (26. Feb. – 10. March`21)

Broadcast on  08. March  21  – Day 11
*Special* Na Kumu Kahililaulani Alapa’i & Kahealani Alapa’i | Aloha can heal the world

Registration ONLINE Congress: https://energize-you.com/