Noho Lomi

Aloha Kakou

Mahalo and thank you for your interest in Noho Lomilomi. My name is Kumu Kahililaulani Alapa’i wife of the late Kumu Allen Alapa’i.Noho means to sit and Lomilomi means to soften, soften the heart, mind and getting the blood flowing. Every session the person will have an opportunity to lele releasing the stress of every day life.

Noho Lomilomi can be performed anywhere the person can sit and relax and share quality time together and at the same time help them to feel better. Noho Lomilomi also helps people with arthritis, frozen shoulders, tension stress headaches, restoring blood flow and circulation that can relieve pain and regulate high blood pressure and restore oxygen to the brain. Helping them to relax, relax and then relax.

It is your day, your time to refresh, relax, replenish and reset but most of all to release. Releasing the negative energies that the body holds. We hold positive and negative energies fear, anger, sadness and jealousy. These are the 4 main negative energies the body holds in forms of knots, the blocks that stops our flow. The blocks and knots are memories of our lifes journey. Ho’oponopono will help release and relax the mind and at the same time we take out the blocks and help to restore flexibility and blood flow. In this process I (giving person) work on the physical blocks, get the blood flowing, get the muscles relaxed, taking out the knots and soothing the muscles. You (sitting person) work on the emotional side the mental things thats blocking our heart. And to work on forgiveness.

Workshop (ONLINE LIVE Seminar)

In these 2 days you would need a partner or someone willing to get the best Noho Lomi. If person sitting is also learning? They will need to give back the Noho Lomi to you.

These excercises require to have clothing on and a partner. Please be prepared to take notes and don’t forget your Kupuna water.

Mahalo again for this opportunity to share in Aloha with our Family tradition of NOHO LOMILOMI.

Aloha no,
Kumu Kahililaulani Alapa’i
Kumu Kāhealani Alapa’i

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